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Madman Johann ( Born Johann Seaton)

Johann has helped shape the Caribbean music scene into what it is today. Incorporating electronica into a variety of indigenous sounds, Johann and his partners dived into the swirling EDM melting pot; took the sounds they liked and blended an entirely new genre of Caribbean-blended EDM rhythms(CDM).His love for music took shape as a teenager, working as a DJ and later as a music producer.
He has worked with, and altered the sounds of, artistes like Kes, Bunji Garlin, Shurwayne Winchester, Machel Montano and many more. CDM for him is a platform for new sounds, a happy genre to springboard ideas for his music.
His musical brainstorming with Max created the idea for Ultimate Rejects (UR) 2 years ago which combines world sounds into an Caribbean -blended EDM-based rhythm(CDM).
Ultimate Rejects more than just an EDM blend of sounds; his rhythms connect the very human themes of wanting to belong and the freedom of not belonging.
For him, UR is the sum of all our parts, the beauty of fragmentation and the power of transformative appropriation.
Johann continues to spearhead the musical evolution of Caribbean sound, creating rhythms that are compelling, universal and true.

Mx Prime (Born Edghill Thomas aka Maximus Dan)

A lover of music from an early age, Max has always created music with a universal message; driving the oneness of human emotions with magnetic melodies.
In 2004 his debut album “From a Distance” was overwhelmingly received; he went on to create the iconic 2008 football anthem “Fighter (Soca Warriors)”.
He created the idea for Ultimate Rejects with Johann approximately 2 years ago, creating the idea first then designing the sounds and melodies to match.
For Max, UR is about the universal need for humanity to embrace their differences instead of isolating and rejecting others for it.
The malleability of his music speaks precisely to the theme of UR: the dynamism and passion of music depends on its ability to adapt and change. And Max is committed to doing just that, on a global scale.


Iceman (Born Joel Aming aka Frostbyte)

As the grandson of Trinidad Carnival legend Neville Aming and son of musician/composer Noel Aming, he is no stranger to music and culture.
The nickname “Iceman” was given to him by a friend in 2004 during his DJ years and has stuck with him ever since. Such is the natural progression for dj’s to venture into the production side of music that Iceman began meddling with drum sounds and melodies in 2005, and has spent the greater part of the last decade perfecting his craft.
Skip forward to 2015, Iceman has teamed up with a group of individuals who share a common passion and vision. Only the sky is the limit. Ultimate Rejects to the world! UR

_Avaron_ ( Born Avaron Vanloo)

Coming from a home where the radio never came off and learning to put records on a turntable as he learned to walk, it was no doubt that this young man was destined to be in the music business. Growing up, he started playing music for small house limes/parties, which then led him to meet other young people who were just as charismatic about music as him. Playing professionally at a young age, he came up in the “sound system” fraternity where he made quite a number of friends, some of which he’s still close with today. His many traits involve DJ’ing, MC’ing (Announcer), Production, Remixing and Sampling.

After pursuing a Certificate in Music Technology at The University of Trinidad and Tobago in order to widen his knowledge base and learn new skills, he was then re-united with Johann Seaton to make up the team that now stands as The Ultimate Rejects.

His future plans and goals are to open a full-scale commercial studio and to become an A Class Recording/Mixing Engineer, to continue mentoring young people who show the same passion and commitment, all while keeping his passion alive for quality music in DJ’ing/MC’ing and hopes to soon join the elite and growing EDM community to further spread the chemistry, culture and birthright of The UltimateRejects and by extension, Trinidad and Tobago!